Top FPV Cinewhoop Drone for 2024

Discover the thrill of cinematic FPV with the best cinewhoop drones! Unleash your creativity and capture breathtaking indoor or outdoor footage.

Cinewhoops are my go-to for epic aerial videos. With their lightweight design and user-friendly controls, these drones boast diverse features based on the model. Perfect for indoor FPV flying, they deliver a thrilling perspective for videography. Join me in exploring the top choice for your FPV adventure.

List of Best cinewhoop

Quick List Of Best Cinewhoop Drones:

  • DJI Avata Cinewhoop
  • GEPRC Cinebot30
  • GEPRC CineLog 25 HD Pro
  • iFlight Protek35 HD Cinewhoop
  • GEPRC CineLog35
  • Foxeer Foxwhoop 25
  • Axisflying CineON Z25
  • iFlight BumbleBee Cinewhoop
  • Diatone TAYCAN Cinewhoop
  • Holybro Kopis CineWhoop
  • BETAFPV Beta95X V3 Cinewhoop
  • GEPRC CineQueen 4k
  • Eachine Cvatar Cinewhoop
  • Flywoo CineRace20
  • Geelang Ligo78X PRO V2 HD
  • HOMFPV Wingsuit
  • BetaFPV Pavo30
  • HGLRC Veyron30CR Cinewhoop

DJI Avata Cinewhoop

DJI Avata Cinewhoop

The DJI Avata is widely regarded as one of the most impressive ready-to-fly digital cinewhoop currently available. The Avata has a camera capable of recording 4k video, eliminating the need for additional attachments. Take your photography to the next level with a sensor that measures 1/1.7 inches, a field of view of 155 degrees, and flagship stabilization.

The impressive flight time of up to 12 minutes and upgraded safety features are both offered by Avata. Because it has an integrated propeller guard, it can withstand light collisions, maintain its altitude, and continue flying.
With the DJI O3+ video transmission system, you can get a live feed that is both crisp and responsive even at distances of up to 10 kilometers.

The DJI Avata FPV Cinewhoop is the perfect drone for anyone who wants to feel one of the best about flying FPV. This drone will give you the experience you’ve been looking for, thanks to its easy controls and long range. So if you want to fly seriously, get a DJI Avata FPV Cinewhoop today.

DJI Avata Specs:

  • Weight: 410g (0.9 lbs.)
  • Size: 180×180×80mm
  • Camera: Type 1/1.7 (7.6×5.7mm) 48MP CMOS image sensor
  • FOV: 12.6mm equivalent lens (155º FOV)
  • Video: 4K/60p and 2.7K/100p flight at 150Mbps (with new Goggles 2)
  • Sensor: Downward obstacle sensing
  • Transmission: DJI’s O3+ transmission system for 10km range, dual frequencies, 50 Mbps bitrate
  • Flight time: up to 18-minute max flight time
  • Speed: 97 kph (60 mph) max speed

GEPRC Cinebot30 with DJI O3

Top FPV Cinewhoop Drone for 2024 1

Introducing the GEPRC CineBot30, the epitome of excellence in HD FPV drones. Meticulously crafted with a fusion of engineering and aesthetics, this 3″ powerhouse is a testament to GEPRC’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Constructed with aviation-grade 7075 aluminum alloy, the camera mounting bracket and fuselage aluminum column offer unparalleled durability and stability. Coupled with impact-resistant PC material for injection molding, the CineBot30 can withstand the rigors of intense flights, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable companion for your aerial adventures.

Equipped with powerful 1804 motors, this drone delivers surging torque, effortlessly handling ultra-low altitude maneuvers with precision and grace. The GEPRC professionals have fine-tuned the CineBot30 for optimal performance, guaranteeing smooth and responsive flights.

Capture the highest image quality with the 1080P 60FPS capability, ensuring stunning visuals with every shot. With a delay as low as 30 milliseconds and the highest bit rate of 50MBPS, you’ll experience real-time, lag-free FPV footage that immerses you in action.

Featuring the GEP-F722-45A AIO V2, the CineBot30 boasts seamless integration and ease of use. The quick-disassembly design allows for effortless maintenance and customization.

The DJI O3 Air Unit and jello reduction technology will make your footage silky-smooth and free from unwanted vibrations.
Embrace the future of aerial cinematography with the GEPRC CineBot30. Its cutting-edge features, robust build, and exceptional performance make it the ultimate companion for capturing breathtaking moments from above.

GEPRC Cinebot30 Specs:

  • Model: Cinebot30 HD Quadcopter
  • Charger connector: XT60H-M
  • Propeller: HQ prop T76mm
  • FC: GEP-F722-45A AIO V2
  • MCU: STM32F722RET6
  • Wheelbase: 127mm
  • VTX: DJI O3 Air Unit
  • IMU: ICM-42688-P
  • Frame: GEP-CT30
  • Recommended Battery: LiPo 4S 1100mAh-1300mAh (4S Version) / LiPo 6S 850mAh-1100mAh(6S Version)
  • Motor: SPEEDX2 1804-2450KV(6S Version)/ SPEEDX2 1804-3450KV(4S Version)
  • Weight: 234.7.2g (excluding battery, the above are TBS Nano RX version)
  • Receiver: PNP, TBS Nano RX, ELRS 2.4G

GEPRC CineLog 25 HD Pro

GEPRC CineLog 25 HD Pro

GEPRC CineLog 25 HD Pro – GEPRC is proud to introduce the newest version of their top-of-the-line camera drone, with features that will amaze and astound even experienced pilots.

The F411-20A 4S 2.5″ racing frame uses 1404 kV motors for long-range flight combined with brand new DJI Goggles! With its adjustable lens angle, you can be sure this thing has an ergonomic design perfect in every way possible.

The low noise optimization helps keep things smooth while spacing out some serious pixels, so your eyes don’t get adjusted too quickly after takeoff.

The Cinelog25 also features dampening system adjustments so you can shorten the long-throw FPV antenna, as well as a breakaway HD camera mount for those unbelievable aerial selfies.

GEPRC CineLog 25 HD Pro Specs:

  • Model: GEPRC CineLog 25 HD Pro
  • Frame: GEP-CL25
  • Wheelbase: 109mm
  • Flight Controller:GEP-20A-F4
  • OSD:BetaFlight OSD w/ AT7456E chip
  • ESC: BLheli_S 20A
  • VTX:Caddx Vista/5.8G 500mW VTX
  • Camera: Caddx Nebula Nano
  • Props: GEMFAN D63-3
  • Motors: GR1404 4500KV
  • CineLog25 HD Weight: 125.6g(Without battery Battery )
  • Battery: Recommended 4S 450-750mAh (Not Included)

iFlight Protek35 HD Cinewhoop

iflight protek 35

The iFlight Protek35 HD is a high performance, True-AIO racing drone designed for FPV drones. It features an integrated whoop frame that saves weight and space while providing increased durability over traditional designs!

The one-piece carbon fiber construction makes it light enough to fly all day long without feeling like you’re carrying around unnecessary pounds or risking damage from harsh weather conditions.

Its low resonant design reduces jello filming footage, giving users their desired results in any type of environment imaginable.

The iFlight Protek35 HD gives you the option to fly with DJI Goggles V2 or TBS Nano Rx, which work seamlessly on your radio control.

Consider this if there’s nothing else out there like what we have available right now because our competitors are already shipping packed full with props, etcetera!!

iFlight Protek35 HD Specs:

  • Model: iFlight Protek35 HD 3.5 Inch 151mm Whoop FPV Racing Drone 4S
  • FC&ESC: Beast AIO F7 45A FC ESC
  • Motors: XING 2203.5 3600KV Brushless Motor
  • Props: Nazgul 3535 3.5 Inch 3-Blade Propeller
  • Recommended Battery (Not Included): Recommend 4S 1550mAh Lipo Battery XT60 Plug
  • Flight Time: 9-10mins 
  • Flight Time(with camera for Gopro): 6-7mins
  • Wheelbase: 151mm
  • Size: 118*91mm
  • Weight: 348±10g
  • Optional Receiver:
    • BNF-DJI Version: with Built-in DJI Receiver
    • Frsky XM+ RX Version: with Built-in DJI RX and with External Frsky XM+ RX
    • Frsky R-XSR RX Version: with Built-in DJI RX and with External Frsky R-XSR RX
    • TBS Crossfire Nano RX Version: Built-in DJI RX and w/ External TBS Crossfire Nano Receiver

BuyiFlight Protek35 HD on Amazon.

GEPRC CineLog35

GEPRC CineLog35

GEPRC CineLog35 has a 3.5-inch integrated protection guard to ensure flight safety. It ensures the new design is well-suited for many aspects such as low noise, vibration reduction, durability and high strength structural design. This is ideal for shooting stability with improved damping rings, improving your handling qualities in any environment!

The drone is equipped with VISTA HD VTX & Nebula Pro Camera. Still, if you’re looking for something different, it also offers an insta360 Go2 camera/Naked GoPro Hero 8 or even CADDX peanut peeler mountable via accessory mounting plate too (included).

GEPRC CineLog35 Specs:

  • Model: GEPRC CineLog35 HD Nebula Pro
  • Frame: GEP-CL35
  • Wheelbase: 142mm
  • FC system: GEP-F722-45A AIO(6S)//GEP-F722-35A AIO(4S)
  • OSD: BetaFlight OSD w/AT7456E chip
  • ESC: BLheli_S 45A
  • VTX: Vista
  • Camera: Caddx Nebula Pro
  • Propeller: D90-3
  • Antenna: Momoda Long version UFL LHCP 175mm Atenna
  • Motor: GR2004-1750KV 6S Version, GR2004 2550KV 4S Version
  • Weight: 236.6g (CineLog35 HD VISTA Nebula Pro 4S PNP)
  • Receiver: PNP(Vista built-in DJI receiver)/Frsky R-XSR/TBS Nano RX
    • Recommended Battery:LiPo 4S 850mAh-1500mAh
    • LiPo 6S 850mAh-1100mAh

Foxeer Foxwhoop 25 Cinewhoop

Foxwhoop 25

Introducing the Foxwhoop 25 Cinewhoop, a groundbreaking marvel of engineering and design that will revolutionize your aerial videography experience. Crafted with precision from T700 carbon fiber, this rugged frame ensures unmatched durability, while the “unbreakable” prop guards provide the ultimate protection for your valuable components.

Equipped with the formidable Foxeer 45A Reaper AIO V2, this Cinewhoop packs an immense power that guarantees unrivaled performance. The seamless integration of the all-in-one system eliminates unnecessary clutter and simplifies your setup, allowing you to focus on capturing breathtaking footage.

With a recommended battery of 4S 650mAh or above, the Foxwhoop 25 Cinewhoop achieves a remarkable flight time of up to 7 minutes. This means you’ll have ample time to capture every cinematic moment without interruptions.

Unleash your creativity and elevate your aerial cinematography with the Foxwhoop 25 Cinewhoop. It’s time to soar above the competition and capture stunning visuals like never before.

Foxwhoop 25 Specs:

  • Material: Toray T700 carbon with silky coating
  • Wheelbase: 104mm
  • Bottom plate mounting hole: 20×20/25.5×25.5mm M2
  • AIO: Foxeer 45A Reaper AIO V2
  • Props: Dalprop New Cyclone T2530
  • Camera: Apollo/Digisight
  • Motor: Datura 1404 3850KV
  • Antenna: Micro lollipop ufl tube – RHCP
  • Motor Mount: 9mm
  • VTx: HDZero
  • Recommended Battery: 4S 650mAh or above
  • Weight: Analog version weight 125g(without receiver and battery)

Axisflying CineON Z25

Axisflying CineON Z25

Introducing the Axisflying CineON Z25, the ultimate 2.5″ 4S Cinewhoop that takes your aerial videography to the next level. Engineered to perfection, this Cinewhoop is compatible with the DJI O3 Air Unit, ensuring breathtaking HD footage with exceptional clarity and detail.

The ducted aerodynamic layout of the Axisflying CineON Z25 is designed to minimize flight noise, allowing you to capture your shots without any distracting disturbances. The motor mount’s innovative two positive and two reverse design enhances stability and maneuverability, ensuring smooth and precise flights every time.

Featuring an independent receiver storage, binding becomes a breeze, offering convenience and efficiency. The Axisflying CineON Z25 boasts excellent wind resistance, allowing you to fly confidently in various conditions and capture buttery-smooth footage even in challenging environments.

Equipped with the high-performance 20A/F411 AIO and C145 Motors, this Cinewhoop delivers unparalleled power and torque, enabling dynamic maneuvers and precise control. Elevate your aerial cinematography with the Axisflying CineON Z25 and unlock limitless creative possibilities in fpv drone videography.

You can also check the new Axisflying C25 V2 here.

Axisflying CineON Z25 Specs:

  • Flying time:  4′ with Action 2  /  4’30” with Insta360  
  • Propellers: Gemfan D63-5 Props / D63-3 Props
  • Motors:  Axisflying C145-4500KV
  • Weight: 58.2g (with all TPU)
  • AIO: Over 20A / F411
  • Wheelbase: 113mm
  • Carbon Fiber: T700
  • Props: Max 2.5inch 

iFlight BumbleBee Cinewhoop

iFlight BumbleBee Cinewhoop

The iFlight BumbleBee V3 6S 3 Inch Cinewhoop FPV Racing Drone is one of the best drones on today’s market! It has a lightweight, durable frame that can make your flight more enjoyable.

The high-performance True-AIO Board Beast STD F7 45A helps save weight and space while remaining efficient with its power management features for true performance in any terrain or environment you might find yourself flying over.

With pre-tuned settings to help create smooth freestyle aerial footage, it will surely give amazing demonstrations at home! The iFlight BumbleBee V3 6S, 3 Inch Cinewhoop drone, is a great choice for those who need an efficient, lightweight drone that can be used with their DJI FPV goggles and DJI FPV remote controller.

BumbleBee BNF Specs:

  • FC & ESC: Beast STD F7 45A BLHeli-S true AIO board
  • Motor: XING 6S 2205 2300KV
  • Wheelbase: 145mm
  • Body Size: 111*93mm
  • Propeller size: 3 inch
  • FC pattern: 20*20mm,30.5*30.5mm
  • FPV cam spacing: 19mm
  • Weight: 355.6g (without battery)
  • Recommended Battery (Not Included):
    • Fullsend 4S 95C 1300mAh(5-6 minutes flight time w/GoPro Hero8
    • Fullsend 4S 95C 1550mAh(6-7 minutes flight time w/GoPro Hero8)
    • Fullsend 6S 1050mAh

Buy iFlight BumbleBee on Amazon.

Diatone TAYCAN Cinewhoop

Diatone TAYCAN Cinewhoop

Diatone MXC TAYCAN Cinewhoop is the perfect drone for those who want to fly with style and class. With its sleek frame, this 3-inch cinewhoop will be your new best friend on every occasion!

The lightweight design also makes it easy for you when things get rough during flight time. It is not too heavy nor bulky like other drones out there, making them difficult (and dangerous)to control while airborne, thanks to their wide range of safety features, including prop guards built right into each propeller blade. It protects both yourself and anything else nearby from potential collisions or damage caused by flying objects tossed around inside an Airframe due to pilot error! 

Diatone Taycan Specs:

  • Model: Diatone MXC TAYCAN 369 3 Inch 6S Cinewhoop drone
  • Frame Wheelbase: 158mm
  • Camera: Runcam Nano 2                             
  • Antenna: FOXEER Lolipop 3                                         
  • VTX: MAMBA TX400 400mW                                    
  • ESC: MAMBA F35 /35A 6S ESC Dshot 600                                                  
  • MOTOR: MAMBA Racing MB1606 2700KV
  • Weight: 295g
  • Recommend Lipo size(Not Included):
    • 6S:1050 mah (Flight time:6-9 min)
    • 4S:1500 mah (Flight time:5-7 min)

Buy MXC TAYCAN on Amazon.

Holybro Kopis CineWhoop

Holybro Kopis CineWhoop

The Holybro Kopis CineWhoop is perfect for beginners in the world of drones! With this product, you can enjoy whooping through all those obstacles on your field with ease thanks to its mini size and lightweight frame made from 3K carbon fiber that only weighs 157g.

The drone wheelbase measures out at 105mm, making them super easy to handle while also giving room enough so larger propellers cant get stuck inside the frame while flying. This also means the ends are open, so you can still take off if you do get stuck. The Holybro Kopis CineWhoop is a drone that can be used with DJI’s latest products, including the company’s new FPV Goggles V2 and DJI FPV Radio Controller.

Holybro Kopis Specs:

  • Model: Holybro Kopis Cinewhoop 2.5
  • FC: Kakute F4 V2 Mini Flight Controller
  • ESC: Tekko32 F4 4in1 mini 45A ESC 
  • FPV Camera: CADDX Vista Nebula Nano HD Digital System
  • Motors: T-Motor F1404 3800KV Brushless Motor
  • Props: Gemfan D63-5B 2.5 Inch 5-Blade Propeller
  • Version: PNF ( Without Caddx Nebula Pro Vista Kit HD Digital System Version)
  • Drone Wheelbase: 105.5mm
  • Frame Material: 3mm 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Weight:157g (Without battery)
  • Take-off Weight: 248g (take an example as 4s 850mah Lipo)

BETAFPV Beta95X V3 Cinewhoop

BETAFPV Beta95X V3 Cinewhoop

BETAFPV’s new Beta95X V3 HD Digital VTX F4 AIO 20A Toothpick FC quadcopter is the perfect drone for any FPV racer! It comes with Caddx Nebula Nano HD System and supports SMO cameras.

This high definition flyer will bring pilots an amazing flight experience. Giving them a clear vision of every highlight moment in their journey through challenging terrains or aerial battles. Just like never before seen on traditional cinematics drones that are out there today.

The Betafpv Whoop Quadcopter(Hd-DigitalTx)reinvents how cinematic footage can be captured while still staying close enough to get close-up shots too. The updated & improved toothpick frame design is lightweight and durable, made of high strength carbon fiber. It has to be the best FPV racer whoop that’s available today.

Beta95X V3 Specs:

  • Model: Beta95X V3 (HD Digital VTX)
  • Weight: 116.7g (without battery)
  • Wheelbase: 95mm
  • FC: F4 AIO 20A Toothpick Brushless FC V4
  • Frame: Beta95X V3 Frame Kit
  • Motors: 1404 4500KV Brushless Motor
  • Props: Gemfan D63 3-Blades Props
  • HD digital camera & VTX: Caddx Nebula Nano HD System
  • Antenna: Air 5.8GHz Antenna (LHCP)
  • Battery: 450mAh 4S battery(Not included) 
  • Charge Connector: XT30
  • Flight time: About 3.5 min flight with 450mAh 4S battery
  • Receiver Option: PNP without receiver/ Frsky XM+(fcc)

Buy Beta95X V3 on Amazon.

GEPRC CineQueen 4k

GEPRC CineQueen 4k

GEPRC has created a new edition to their line, with the refined design and high performance of an FPV racing drone. The 4K 3inch Tarsier V2 CineWhoop drone is perfect for those who want something more than just capturing video from their flights or aerial photography but also having some fun in flight!

Features such as 500mW TX power output effectively improve your flight distance while still managing stable operation on your gyro without any noticeable lag time at higher speeds.

This quadcopter will make you feel royalty when performing stunts before audiences large enough to fill up entire stadiums using its Full Soft Mounted FC System. It provides a clean operating environment, ensuring nothing gets in the way of achieving perfect flying.

GEPRC CineQueen 4k Specs:

  • Model Name: CineQueen 4K
  • FC & ESC : STABLE V2 F4 30A
  • Camera: Caddx Tarsier V2 4K
  • Motor: GEP-GR1206 3600KV Motor
  • Propeller: 3inch 3-blade
  • Frame: Full 3K carbon fiber
  • Wheelbase:145mm
  • VTX 5.8G 500mW
  • Antenna: Momoda 5.8G RHCP
  • Input Battery: 3-4S(4S 650mAh – 4S 850mAh)
  • Receiver option: Frsky XM+ / Frsky R-XSR / TBS NanoRX / FlySky A8SV2
  • Weight: 156g(without battery)

Buy GEPRC CineQueen on Banggood

Eachine Cvatar Cinewhoop

Eachine Cvatar Cinewhoop

The new Eachine Cvatar cinewhoop drone is the perfect combination of form and function. With its durable frame, lightweight components, a high-performance camera system that can fly safely around people or property – it’s no wonder why this sleek competitor has taken over many races in just a few months!

Alongside its F722 FC plug for DJI digital systems compatibility with ease of use, you can’t go wrong with the Cvatar drone.

Eachine Cvatar Specs:

  • Model: Cvatar 142 Cinewhoop FPV Racing Drone BNF/PNP
  • Net Weight:288.2g (Weight with receiver)
  • Frame Wheelbase:142mm
  • Flight Controller: F722 Mini Flight Controller
  • ESC: 35A Blheli_S 3-6S 4in1 ESC
  • Camera: RunCam Nano2 FPV Camera
  • Motors: 1507 3600KV Brushless Motor
  • Props: Gemfan 75mm 3 Inch 3-Blade Propeller
  • Recommended battery(Not Included):4S 1300-1550mAh

Flywoo CineRace20

Flywoo CineRace20

In the world of FPV racing drones, there is a new player in town called Flywoo CineRace20. This sleek and stylish drone features an onboard camera that provides those amazing first-person views as you fly around your favorite course or race track!

With almost all parts being injection molded, it’s very lightweight but still tough enough to take some abuse from crashing into things on purpose, too ( although we can’t say no one has ever done this before).

The power setup was designed with efficiency at its core, so pilots don’t have any problems staying airborne for long periods without running low on battery life during their races. It is a feature not many other competitors offer right now either!

Finally, because most people want something unique when they’re out exercising their competitive nature, Flywoo CineRace20 is fully customizable with several different color options to suit your style and your flying preferences if you’re using it for racing.

Flywoo CineRace20 Specs:

  • Model: Flywoo CineRace20
  • Item Name: CineRace20 Analog w/ Caddx Ant
  • Weight: 93g (without battery)
  • FC & ESC : GOKU GN 413 13A AIO
  • Frame: CineRace20 Frame Kit
  • Motors: NIN V2 1203PRO 3400Kv
  • Props: Gemfan D51-5
  • VTX: VTX625 450mw
  • Antenna: Flywoo Circular RHCP 5.8Ghz Ant ( UFL-Length: 115mm Tube 45mm )
  • Recommended (Not included): 4S HV 300mAh – 900mAh battery

Geelang Ligo78X PRO V2 HD

Geelang Ligo78X PRO V2 HD

This Ligo78X PRO V2 is 78mm 2 Inch 3S ducted cinewhoop FPV racing drone ready to take your racing experience to the next level. Integrated injection molding material, beautiful and solid with reliable structures that will not cause massive weight loss compared to other cinewhoop drones in its class.

This model also comes equipped with an adjustable flight control system of RGB LED lamps for those who want more than just speed!

Geelang Ligo78X PRO V2 Specs: 

  • Model: GEELANG LIGO78X PRO V2 ( 1080P HD)
  • Size: 119x132x23mm(Camera mount not included)
  • Weight: 73g(Camera mount not included)
  • Motors: GL1202 KV8700
  • Flight controller: SH50AF4 MATEKF411
  • ESC: Onboard 4in1 ESC MCU upgraded to EFM8BB21
  • Camera: Caddx baby turtle whoop version
  • Battery recommended ( NOT Included): 2s-3s 450 – 550mah with XT30 Plug 
  • Receiver (Optional):
    • Compatible Frsky NON-EU Receiver
    •  Compatible TBS NANO receiver

HOMFPV Wingsuit Cinewhoop

HOMFPV Wingsuit

The HOMFPV Wingsuit is a compact drone with high-efficiency, form fitting wings that can be used for both indoor and outdoor flights. The compact design size of 100mm wheelbase and high-efficiency aerodynamic layout wing decorate the best Cinematic Drone to give you an excellent flying experience.

It has Caddx Vista Nebula F405F4 FC 4S 25A Blheli_S AIO ESC capable of reaching a maximum speed up to 45 mph with clean power!

The lightweight design (less than 250 g) allow for easy carrying around while taking off time only takes 7:30 minutes using TATTU 850 mAh 4s battery – making it perfect as your next traveling companion when on vacation or a business trip overseas!

Place any suitable antenna near enough so that signal quality will not be compromised during flight plus compatible Receivers like Futaba/CRSF/FrSky/Flysky.

HOMFPV Wingsuit Specs: 

  • Model :HOMFPV Wingsuit
  • Wheelbase: 100mm
  • FC: F405 2 In 1
  • ESC: 25A, BLHeli_S AIO
  • Motor: 1106 4500KV Brushless Motor
  • Propeller: D63 2.5 Inch
  • Built-in Camera Shock Mount: For Naked Gopro6 / Insta360 GO
  • Battery(Not Included): TATTU 4S 650~850mAh
  • PNP HD Weight: 105g
  • HD Vista Weight: 135g
  • Camera: Caddx Nebula

BetaFPV Pavo30 Cinewhoop

BetaFPV Pavo30

The perfect drone for both freestyle and cinematic shots, the BetaFPV Pavo30 is an all-purpose RC whoop that can handle any task at hand. With its 3″ propeller guard body size, it’s not just compact but also durable enough to take on even more challenging obstacles than before with your favorite camera attached!

It can do everything from carrying SMO cameras or GoPro mounts depending on your needs and being able to record cool footage using either one at once thanks to its lightweight camera housing design, which makes flying more fun.

BetaFPV Pavo30 Specs:

  • Model: Pavo30 Whoop Drone (HD Version)
  • Weight: 73g (without battery)
  • Wheelbase: 118mm
  • Flight Controller: F722 AIO 35A FC
  • Motor: 1506- 3000KV motor
  • Propeller: Gemfan D76 5-Blade props with 5mm shaft hole
  • Receiver Option: Frsky Xm+(FCC) /TBS /PNP without receiver
  • FPV Camera: Nebula Nano camera
  • VTX: VISTA HD Digital VTX
  • Battery: 750mAh 4S battery /850mAh 4S battery (Not included) 
  • Charge Connector: XT30
  • Flight time: About 6-8 minutes

HGLRC Veyron30CR Cinewhoop

HGLRC Veyron30CR Cinewhoop

The HGLRC Veyron30CR Cinewhoop is a high-end racing drone that features an upgraded duct design with half eva protection. It can withstand tough crashes, making it perfect for those who want to race their drones without fear of damaging them!

The frame has been streamlined to reduce noise and weight while simultaneously protecting your electronics from harm during flights.

It comes with all the equipment you need to get started, including an amazing HD 140mm 3 inch FPV racing quadcopter frame and sleek Zeus35 Pro AIO 35A ESCs, so your flying experience will be top-notch!

HGLRC Veyron30CR Specs:

  • Model: HGLRC Veyron30CR
  • Weight: 251g
  • Flight controller: Zeus35 Pro AIO 3-6S Flight controller
  • Motors: AEOLUS 2004 Brushless Motor
  • Propellers: Gemfan D76 3 inch 5-blades
  • Camera: CADDX Polar Vista Digital HD
  • Recommended battery (Not Included)
    • 6S Version: 6S 650mah-850mAh
    • 4S Version: 4S 750-1300mAh

We’ve provided some of the best Cinewhoop drones on the market in this blog post. If you are looking for high quality, affordable cinewhoop drone to fly around your backyard or office space, then these options will be perfect. All of these models offer impressive features and capabilities that make them worth considering before making a purchase decision.

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