MEPS SZ0802 Motors: Unbeatable Performance for Tiny Whoops

MEPS SZ0802 Motors: Unbeatable Performance for Tiny Whoops 1

In this article, we will delve into the features, performance, and advantages of the MEPS SZ0802 motors. Designed specifically for Tinywhoop, these motors offer a perfect balance between size and power. They are capable of delivering impressive thrust and exceptional responsiveness, allowing FPV pilots to execute precise maneuvers with ease.

Whether you’re a racing enthusiast seeking speed or a freestyle pilot aiming for agility, the MEPS SZ0802 motors are poised to elevate your flying experience to new heights.

Disclosure: MEPS was kind enough to send me a set of their SZ0802 22000Kv motors for testing.

Overview of MEPS SZ0802 FPV Motors

MEPS SZ0802 motors for tinywhoop

After testing the MEPS SZ0802 22000Kv FPV Motors on my 75mm 1s Tinywhoop, I am amazed by their performance. Weighing only 1.8g (including the cable), these brushless FPV motors are ideal for microdrones that require high-performance motors. The power and thrust generated by these motors are exceptional, providing an exhilarating flight experience. The MEPS SZ0802 motors have truly exceeded my expectations, proving to be a perfect fit for my 75mm Tinywhoop and enhancing its overall performance.

Key Features

The MEPS SZ0802 motors offer a range of key features that contribute to their exceptional performance:

Size and Compatibility

MEPS SZ0802 motors a small but powerful motors

The MEPS SZ0802 motors have mounting holes and JST wires that perfectly fit my Mobula 7 tinywhoop. It’s a seamless combination. Additionally, the motors’ stunning golden color adds a touch of elegance to my drone’s aesthetics.

The MEPS SZ0802 motors are an ideal choice for both 75mm and 65mm Tinywhoops, such as the Newbeedrone Acrobee65, Happymodel Mobula 7, and the Meteor65. Whether you’re flying a 75mm or 65mm tinywhoop, these motors will deliver the performance and thrust needed for a breathtaking flight experience.

Powerful and Lightweight

MEPS SZ0802 Motors: Unbeatable Performance for Tiny Whoops 2

Despite their compact size, these motors pack a punch in terms of power, delivering impressive thrust and acceleration. Additionally, their lightweight design helps to maintain the agility and maneuverability of your tiny whoop.

The MEPS SZ0802 22000Kv motors pack an impressive power punch, capable of generating up to 18 W of power. With a peak current of 4.3 A, these motors can handle demanding maneuvers and rapid acceleration. These motors are specifically designed for 1S setups, offering optimal performance within that voltage range.

When it comes to thrust, the MEPS SZ0802 motors can deliver a maximum thrust of up to 32.1g. This level of thrust ensures strong propulsion, allowing your drone to achieve high speeds and responsive control in the air.

With their power output, current rating, and thrust capabilities, the MEPS SZ0802 22000kv motors are well-suited for smaller drones, providing the necessary power and performance for exciting FPV flights and agile maneuvers.

Durability and Build Quality

MEPS SZ0802 Motors: Unbeatable Performance for Tiny Whoops 3

Stainless Steel Construction

Constructed with 3Cr13 stainless steel, the MEPS SZ0802 motors are built to be durable, withstanding crashes and impacts. The bottom c-clip ensures the secure attachment of the shaft, preventing any slippage during high-speed flights. The motors also utilize porous bearings, contributing to their smooth operation and reduced friction.

Brushless Technology

The utilization of brushless technology in these motors reduces friction, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced heat generation. This contributes to their stable and reliable performance, allowing for consistent and smooth flights.

N45SH Magnets: 

The MEPS SZ0802 motors are equipped with N45SH magnets, known for their strong magnetic force. These magnets contribute to the motors’ exceptional thrust and responsiveness, enabling high-speed flights and quick acceleration.

The MEPS SZ0802 motors feature a three-hole mounting pattern, making it easy to install them on various frames. With a 1mm shaft diameter, they are compatible with a wide range of propellers. Additionally, the motors come with a 40-mm silicon wire that includes HX-3P/1.25 connectors, simplifying the wiring process.

These motors are a perfect fit for my Happymodel frame with 40mm 4-blade props with 1.0mm mounting holes. They should also work well with 65mm whoops, offering versatility in drone configurations.

Why should I choose SZ0802 motors from MEPS over other existing motor brands?

SZ0802 motors from MEPS offer high-quality manufacturing, excellent performance, innovation, competitive pricing, and reliable customer support. As a new company, MEPS brings fresh ideas and a cost-effective alternative to established motor brands. Consider them for your build to experience their performance firsthand.

In conclusion, based on my personal experience, MEPS SZ0802 Motors are undoubtedly worth considering for any tinywhoop project. With their high-quality manufacturing, impressive performance, innovative approach, competitive pricing, and reliable customer support, they offer a compelling choice in the motor market. If you’re looking for motors that deliver on their promises, I recommend visiting the MEPS website to explore their offerings and try out these motors for yourself. Happy flying!

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