Popular Drone Companies in 2024

Drone Companies

Drone Manufacturers and Drone Companies have been on the rise in recent years, with new companies popping up all over the world. Drone technology is constantly evolving, as are the markets for Drone Manufacturers and Drone Companies. We’ve compiled a list of drone manufacturers that we think you should know about – check it out!

Popular Drone Companies


DJI was founded in 2006, and they’re best known for their innovation. Their most notable product is a drone that has made waves around the world, literally to provide sweeping aerial views of places only accessible by air or ground vehicles. DJI products are designed with state-of-the-art technology, including dual GPS/GLONASS global positioning systems onboard all models to ensure perfect stability when flying close up so you can take remarkable video footage from an angle not seen before!

Yuneec International Inc.

Also based out of Shenzhen, China, Yuneec is another Drone Company you should know about – over 50% of all Drone Manufacturers are from China! Their focus is on camera-equipped multirotor copters, electric aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The company aims at producing high-end consumer products with quality components that adhere to international safety standards.


Parrot Drone Manufacturers is one of the oldest drone companies in the game that have managed to stay afloat for all these years. The company’s first product, “AR Drone,” was introduced in 2010 and has continued to wow consumers with their new products like Bebop Drone ever since then.

Autel Robotics

Autel Robotics is a company that has been in the automotive diagnostics industry for over 15 years. From 2004 to now, Autel’s products have become famous across America and China. With headquarters located near Seattle on Bothell, WA, Autel seeks to provide its customers with state-of-the-art technology while keeping costs low so both factories and consumers can benefit from their services.

Holy Stone

Holy Stone is a company that focuses on research and development, manufacturing, sales distribution of RC quadcopters. It was founded in 2014 by two entrepreneurs who met while studying at the University of Electronic Science & Technology in China’s eastern coast city Zhangzhou.

Holy Stone has been going strong with its focus on high-end drones for both consumer use and professional UAV missions across several industries, such as aerial photography/videography services or mapping applications like GIS (Geographic Information Systems).


Kespry is an international company that specializes in drone manufacturing. These high-quality devices are used to capture images from above or send them back to headquarters for quick analysis – all without putting humans at risk. From aggregates harvesting, mine surveying, road building, and more, Kespry has helped businesses across many verticals get accurate information faster than ever before!


Skydio is a Silicon Valley startup company that designs intelligent commercial drones and camera-carrying quadcopters of the same name for professional use. Machine learning algorithms power these machines to carry out autonomous flight with high-speed manual capabilities and obstacle avoidance at an altitude close enough to provide users with their desired outcome without any restrictions or limitations on where they can fly them.


Pontensic is another Shenzhen-based drone store specializing in providing beginner-level models at affordable prices and professional-grade ones with great features such as long-distance coverage, GPS, or FPV (First Person View). They offer a variety of drones for beginners and professionals. The way they are designed to their features, these devices offer something different from what you often see in other drone stores online or offline.


Hubsan has been a pioneer in the drone industry and is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The company’s Hubsan X4 models are so popular that they have become synonymous with “entry-level” drones, which provide an easy-to-use introduction to this technological phenomenon without breaking the bank. 

However, they offer customers more than just their signature line as well, including RC quadcopters and mini quads for beginners who want something cheaper but still capable enough starting point into aerial photography or FPV racing, among other things!


JJRC Toy Co. Ltd is a Chinese toy manufacturer that makes many different robots, remote-controlled vehicles, and more! They don’t just specialize in drones, though; JJRC has an extensive collection of children’s toys, including robot figurines for every occasion, as well as RCs like cars to race around your living room!


Eachine is a well-known Chinese drone manufacturer that brings the world tech to life. They produce top-quality drones at affordable prices and have been doing so for decades. With its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, Eachine has established itself as one of the most wanted brands by consumers around the globe with their unique designs, which are both creative and innovative while still being practical enough for everyday use!


Syma Toys is the best place to go for a beginner drone. They make excellent remote-controlled helicopters, and that’s what they’re most known for too! Their X5C model is one of their more popular options as well since it gives you everything you need in an easy-to-use package – charge up your battery (which usually takes 30 minutes or less) and start flying with ease right out of the box!


MJX is a high-tech company that focuses on R&D, production and selling of RC drones/quadcopters. The Guangdong Meijiaxin Innovative Technology Co., Ltd (or MJX) was founded in 2003 as an export trading enterprise specializing in remote control equipment. Up to this date, they have constructed a world-class professional engineering team equipped with top expertise for UAVs and having deep insight into the intentional market demand due to years of technology accumulation.


UDI RC Toys is a manufacturer with an impressive range of products. They manufacture cars, boats, and helicopters and the more advanced quadcopters, which can be controlled from long distances to capture footage or provide security for large areas such as construction sites in remote locations.

We’ve seen a number of new drone companies and manufacturers pop up in recent years, with the community growing on an international scale. If you are looking to get started in this industry, it might be worth your time researching some of these options for getting involved. Have any thoughts about which company or manufacturer we should research next? Let us know! I hope you will enjoy reading our blog post about Drone Manufacturers and Drone Companies around the world- we had so much fun writing it for all of you!

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