Fat Shark Attitude V6 Best FPV Goggles


Fat Shark Attitude V6

The new Fat Shark Attitude V6 is a high-def, HD-ready FPV goggles with 1280 x 960 LCOS panels and adjustable diopters. It’s packed full of features to make your experience more effortless than ever before! 

The video transmitted from this module will have no resolution loss when viewed using an analog diversity receiver due to its compatibility with future modules, like the Shark Byte HD mod. 

It allows for smooth 720p/1080i signal transmission over longer ranges if you need more distance coverage or higher quality image clarity at smaller distances where other types may struggle.



Fat Shark Attitude V6 Specs:

Fat Shark Attitude V6 FPV goggles


Fat Shark has released their latest product, the Attitude V6. The degree FOV (field of view) is 39 degrees diagonal and IPD (inter-pupillary distance) adjustable between 54 to 74 millimeters with +2 to -6 diopters adjustment option available for maximum focus depending on your eyesight needs!


The new Fat Shark Attitude V6 screen display is the perfect upgrade for any pilot looking to take their game up a notch. With two citizens, 0.4” LCOS displays, Resolution 1280 X 960, and NTCS/PAL auto-selecting AV Mode 4:3 or 16:9, you will be able to make every flight an exciting experience; in this model!

The HDMI input also makes connecting your device simple so that even if there’s no video feed available when airborne – plug into one of these inputs on ports 2 (red)and 3(black). 

Audio & User Controls



It has a channel selection, volume control for those who want to be heard above the rest, and flight modes. It has a display brightness or contrast adjustment that will make your screen as sharp as possible, so you can see everything happening before it happens nicely displayed on the screen.

With a power button that turns off all lights when they’re not needed anymore, along with side fan control for those hot days out in nature!


Electrical & Battery 

The Fat Shark Attitude V6 has a lot of power! The first two things you should know about it are that these goggles can operate off either an input voltage of 7.5V up to 13 volts.

The more interesting statistic for me is how much battery life they have with their system – 320 milliamps at 7volts/no module equals out around 770 mA when using rapid-fire mode (although I don’t recommend doing any flying without an RX).

It’s safe to say these drones were made specifically so pilots could stay airborne longer, thanks to all those extra amp hours stored inside each frame. 

DVR Control

Fat Shark Attitude V6 is an all-inclusive analog DVR package with MicroSD support to 32GB. It records at 6Mbps (MJPG compression, 30 fps), plays back natively without Codecs or any other software needed for editing/converting videos within the device itself – making it perfect if you’re on a budget but still want quality recording capabilities!

External video recording

Fat Shark Attitude V6 is the perfect piece of tech for any drone enthusiast. With an external video recording device, you can capture all your adventures in high-quality on the fly!

Place it at either end with AV cables and connect them up – no more running back between shots while trying not to get lost among other participants before getting serious footage captured.


Fat Shark Attitude V6 goggles


The new Fat Shark Attitude V6 Interface is designed for pilots who are serious about getting the most out of their sim time. The device has all you need in one compact package, including 3.5mm AV inputs, power input port, microSD slot to store your videos and photos on board the aircraft.

It has an RF Module bay that’s perfect if there isn’t already an antenna installed – no more broken servos or electronics due to interference!


The new Fat Shark Attitude V6 headsets are an ergonomic and lightweight option for pilots. They come with adjustable headband sizes, giving you the freedom to find your perfect fit!  

These frames also feature a durable exterior that will not break or damage easily after long periods of use in crashes, thanks to their reinforced frame material construction design.

This makes them well suited as EDC (everyday carry) goggles, too, because they can take whatever life has thrown at them without worry about breaking down on any occasion! 

These glasses also feature a clear and comfortable lens, with no blue or red tinting, allowing you to see into any lighting situation easily.


What’s In The Box

Fat Shark Attitude V6

The new Fat Shark Attitude V6 FPV Goggles Set is the perfect blend between performance and value. 

The 5.8G diversity receiver can be hooked up with either two patch antennas for interference-free flying or one wide-angle RHCP(right hand Circular Polarized) antenna to knocks down those pesky obstacles in your path!  

This set also includes a 18650 battery case, so you don’t need to worry about running low during gameplay time – just put them inside if it starts feeling tight on power later down the line (a great feature we loved at first!). 

 As far as zippers go: they’re sturdy enough not to break easily under pressure while remaining flexible when needed most).

If you’ve been looking for a pair of goggles that work well and don’t cost an arm and leg, we may have found the perfect solution. The Fat Shark Attitude V6 FPV Goggles are high-quality video glasses with 1280×960 screen resolution (true diversity OLED receiver) that can be used in many different types of drone racing or other RC activities.

 They come complete with DVR capability, so you never miss any action again. Get your Fatshark Goggles today!











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